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Graston Technique

As with other types of health care, chiropractic care has come a long way over the years. Chiropractors today have more tools and knowledge at their fingertips than ever before. One of the most effective and proven forms of treatment for soft tissues is the Graston Technique. If you’re interested in the Graston Technique and live in or near Indianapolis, IN, stop by Chiropractic Rehabilitation & Acupuncture and speak with Dr. Robert Ferguson. Using this technique, he has helped countless patients treat scar tissue, inflammation, and other challenges.

What is the Graston Technique?

With the Graston Technique, a medical professional will use a variety of stainless steel instruments to break down scar tissue and reduce inflammation. It can also be used to break up areas of restriction by stretching and loosening up soft tissues, like ligaments and tendons.

What Does the Graston Technique Accomplish?

Scar tissue often results in pain and discomfort. By breaking up these tissues, it may be possible to secure lasting pain relief. This technique can also offer benefits for mobility.

Who Utilizes the Graston Technique?

Many of those who practice the Graston Technique are chiropractors. However, other medical experts, including medical doctors and physical therapists, will also use these tools and techniques. Ultimately, this technique is flexible enough that it should be part of everyone’s medical toolkit.

Is the Graston Technique Effective?

Research has found that the Graston Technique can have a positive impact on various conditions roughly 75 to 90 percent of the time. A few people may not see noticeable improvements owing to individualized factors. However, most patients will enjoy steady, lasting improvements. That said, it’s crucial to work with a skilled practitioner to maximize outcomes. Contact Dr. Ferguson, who can provide Graston Technique treatment in Indianapolis, IN. 

What Conditions Can Be Treated?

In practice, the Graston Technique can be used to address a huge range of issues, including but not limited to carpal tunnel syndrome, myofascial pain syndromes, shin splints, and fibromyalgia. This technique can also speed up recovery and minimize damage from surgical procedures. Essentially, if you have issues with soft tissues, the Graston Technique could help.

Where Can I Find Someone Who Utilizes the Graston Technique?

If you live in or near Indianapolis, IN, and are interested in the Graston Technique, swing by Chiropractic Rehabilitation & Acupuncture and speak with Dr. Ferguson. You can also reach his office by calling (317) 204-3981. 


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