Ask Congress to keep doctors for Medicare patients.

For a Medicare patient, a doctor can mean everything: independence, hope and security.

Medicare makes it possible.

For a doctor, treating patients is everything. Our doctors have cared for many of your children and grandchildren. Our patients are family.

The last thing we want to do is tell our patients we can no longer care for them. We want to continue taking care of our Medicare patients.

Medicare is already one of the lowest paying insurance plans in which most physicians participate.  However, your doctors stand to face a 22-25% immediate reduction in payments from Medicare unless Congress acts to permanently correct a flawed formula that determines Medicare reimbursement rates.

Even though the new healthcare bill promises to cover more patients, big problems still exist. This bill didn’t fix Medicare, our government’s largest healthcare program.

Congress must fix Medicare now, so Medicare patients can have the doctors they need when they’re sick. Medicare patients deserve to receive the care they’ve been promised.

Congress must focus on this problem it’s been putting off for more than 10 years.

A statewide effort is now underway to collect a million signatures. The petition drive asks Congress to stop the Medicare meltdown so patients can choose their doctors and their doctors can stay in the program.

We can’t collect your signature on a petition because of government regulations. So instead, we’re sharing this information with you.

Please make your voice heard.

Sign the petition, asking Congress to continue its work and fix the crumbling foundation of our healthcare system.

Let your representative know how you feel. Members of Congress listen to their constituents.

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