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Plantar Fasciitis: 5 things you can do so your heel feels better

If you are dealing with plantar fasciitis or one of the most common causes of heel pain, you may not care about Black Friday shopping sales.

Do you feel a stabbing pain in your heel when you first get out of bed or after being seated for a long time? Ouch. If you do, it may help to know that most cases of plantar fasciitis get better in just a few months with conservative treatment.

What can you do?

1. Lose weight.

No easy task. But if pain relief is the reward, would that be worth it to you?

2. Wear supportive shoes.

Have you tried orthotics and Finn Comfort or Naot shoes? Shoes that ease pain can make a great present.

3. Ice, ice baby.

A simple bag of frozen peas might be your best friend right now. Just 15 minutes three or four times a day should help.

4. Keep your plantar fascia from becoming irritated.

Before you get out of bed in the morning or up from a chair after being seated for some time, take a few minutes to stretch:

  • Point your toes down.
  • Then move your toes up.
  • Repeat.

And here’s another exercise for you to try:

  • Make a “fist” with your toes.
  • Then stretch them out.
  • Repeat.

Next? Massage:

  • Roll your foot over a ball while you’re seated.
  • Roll your foot over a ball while you’re standing.
  • Repeat.

5. Still not better? Talk with your doctor.

There’s always acupuncture, sound assisted soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, ultrasound and deep tissue work.

Surgery is a last resort and side effects include a weakening of the arch in your foot.

Foot pain doesn’t have to keep you from the fun of the holidays.

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