Sit & stand up straight to avoid text neck.


Love to text. But it’s not smart to get text neck from too much time with your head down. Nonreversible if left untreated.

Simple solution. Sit or stand up straight when texting.

The spine that’s in the cervical part of your neck and head is made up of seven bones. There are a bunch of ligaments that protect this structure. & the nerves that come off this are what can cause a bit of tingling in your fingers when you don’t “sleep right” with your neck.

The neck has three main purposes.

  1. Support your head. So sit and stand up straight.
  2. Protect your spinal cord. If you crack your spinal cord at the neck, you’d end up paralyzed.
  3. Help you turn your head as well as move it up and down.

The number one cause of neck pain is muscle strain.

It’s not the bones or nerves. The main reason you get neck pain is muscle strain. Muscles get tensed up.

Sit and stand up straight.

For every inch your head moves forward, your neck will feel 10 extra pounds.

Don’t cradle your phone on your shoulder.

Warm up your neck.

Put a towel around your neck. Then use your hands on each end of the towel to pull forward while your move your neck back, keeping your head up. Relax. Repeat 10 times.

You can also do this exercise without a towel at the office or in a grocery store while you’re waiting in line.

Seek help for continuing neck pain.

Neck pain usually goes away in days or weeks. If it gets worse or lasts longer than that, see a doctor.

Hope you’ll tweet this and help your friends.

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