Massage Therapy

Work out those kinks

It was a beautiful spring day and Darlene Johnson was driving to pick up her grandsons in Gary. All of a sudden, a huge Dodge pickup truck hit her. Before long, an emergency medical technician arrived on the scene and mistakenly placed a sheet over her, thinking she was dead. Darlene’s daughter Nicole watched her mother suffer through a long, slow, […]

breathing techniques

Hope for the New Year

You get what you expect in life so why not pray for a miracle in 2016? Over the course of this year, you’ll have 365 opportunities to do your part to help make this happen. A good start would be to manage your stress when stuck waiting in line or in traffic: Breathe in through your […]

Back Pain

How to relieve lower back pain

As you rush to get out the door in the morning, you throw your things over one shoulder and bend down to put your shoes on. On the way down…lower back pain. Uh-oh. You know you’re supposed to equally distribute the weight of a heavy backpack, computer bag or oversized purse by putting the strap over your head if […]

what is acupuncture

What is acupuncture?

Science is catching up to the Chinese, who have used acupuncture for over over 4,000 years to treat chronic low back pain, nausea and many other conditions. What is acupuncture? The goal is to get your “chi” or normal flow of energy moving again throughout your body. To do this, a doctor may insert very small, sterile needles in your […]