Back Pain

How to relieve lower back pain

As you rush to get out the door in the morning, you throw your things over one shoulder and bend down to put your shoes on. On the way down…lower back pain.


You know you’re supposed to equally distribute the weight of a heavy backpack, computer bag or oversized purse by putting the strap over your head if you want to prevent back pain.

But show of hands:

Have you ever tossed this advice out the window when in a hurry to get to work on time?

OK, so now what?!

To relieve your lower back pain, you try icing and taking Ibuprofen.

Or maybe you can’t tolerate any kind of pain medication.

While sleeping, you’re taking pressure off your back by:

  • Lying on your side with a pillow between bent knees
  • Or on your back with two or three pillows under your knees on a medium firm mattress

But weeks later you’re still in pain, so you see a doctor.

  • Can you help my back?
  • Is this serious?
  • Is this going to be expensive?
  • How long is it going to take?
  • Is there stuff that I can do for it at home?

The good news? Most don’t need surgery. Traditional medicine welcomes alternative treatments today more than ever before.

You wonder:

Which is better, chiropractic or acupuncture?

I get this question a lot from patients. And the answer? It depends on your individual condition.

Maybe you just need massage therapy and to get rid of bad habits.

A physical exam will determine what direction would be best for your lower back pain.

Your doctor can tell you how to release your body’s natural pain killers or “endorphins”:

  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Proper techniques for exercises
  • How to get a better night’s sleep
  • Ways to develop good posture habits
  • How to breathe properly
  • Meditation

Robert W. Ferguson, D.C., F.I.A.M.A., state-licensed chiropractor and acupuncturist, sees patients at 2250 W. 86th Street, Ste. 100, on the north side of Indianapolis by Le Peep restaurant. Just look for the orange sign.

Chiropractic Rehabilitation & Acupuncture now accepts Healthy Indiana Plan for chiropractic services, and most insurance for chiropractic therapy and acupuncture.

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