Back-to-School: Love your child with the right backpack.


Is your child complaining about back pain? The culprit might be their backpack or simply carrying too much.

How to relieve back pain?

Don’t buy any backpack that weighs more than 5-10 percent of your child’s weight.

Otherwise, his head will lean forward and he’ll hurt his back.

Smaller backpacks are good.

That way, you’ll reduce the chances of it getting too heavy.

No slinging backpacks over one arm.

When your child uses both straps, he equally distributes the weight and avoids low-back pain and muscle spasms.

Backpacks shouldn’t ride any lower than four inches below his waist.

You don’t want him to suffer from shoulder strain from leaning forward when he walks.

Zippered pockets and compartments are a beautiful thing.

This too helps distribute the weight more evenly. And talk with your child about keeping scissors and sharp pencils pointed away from his back.

You want wide padded straps.

Would you want to carry something heavy with straps digging into your shoulders?

Adjust the straps to fit your child.

When the straps are too loose, they can cause spinal misalignment and pain.

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